Now Closed: Randazzo’s Little Italy Coral Gables

Randazzo’s Little Italy, the Coral Gables red sauce joint owned by former boxer Marc Randazzo and asbestos attorney Jim Ferraro, has quietly closed after 13-years in biz.

A source says the place was shuttered about 8 weeks ago.

We spoke with Ferraro, who said, “I’m not a restaurateur, I’m the money guy,” explaining that after a few management changes at the restaurant, sales dropped. “We were losing money,” Ferraro said. “The place was going down the tubes. The restaurant business requires an involved operator. It’s too bad, but it had a good run.”

Ferraro, who owns the building, is still hopeful the space will remain a restaurant. “It’s set up to be a restaurant, so if I found a good operator, someone I could trust without me having to be involved, I’d definitely consider another restaurant.”

Any takers?