The Delano has reinvented pancakes.

Argentine BBQ pancakes prepared by Delano South Beach hotel executive chef José Icardi.Charles Trainor Jr.

Please don’t settle for Bisquick and Aunt Jemima.

Instead, let chef José Icardi from the Delano South Beach be your inspiration to make the kind of pancakes you and your family will want to have again and again. The secret isn’t necessarily the outdoor Argentine grill in this ambitious video; it’s in the pancake mix and the topping.

These pancakes use buttermilk in the batter but also include lemon zest and Greek yogurt. That instantly raises your pancake game.

My pro top? Grade B maple syrup. Grade A may sound like it’s better because As are better than Bs, right? Wrong. Grade B maple syrup has a richer flavor that instantly makes the flavors pop. Heat the syrup in the microwave in a glass measuring cup for 15 seconds, and drizzle it overtop for a memorable breakfast or after-party snack.