The rules for drinking margaritas, even though tequila wants to kill you


Everyone has experienced that Bad Tequila Moment. The one that caused you to indulge in behavior so spectacularly embarrassing that the mere thought makes you shudder decades later. 

Still, that was your own foolish fault. There is no reason to blame the innocent margarita, that perfect, tangy showcase for the lowly lime that uses salt – the best of condiments! – as a garnish.

To improve your imbibing skills, we answer some of your questions on the rules for drinking margaritas.


1. Does the mix have to be homemade?

Yes. Find a bar that makes its own mix and never quit it.

2. Does a margarita have to have salt on the rim?

Yes! For God’s sake, that’s the whole point, the delicious interplay of the salt and the lime and the T word. Up your high blood pressure meds and dive in.

3. Can I drink a frozen margarita or am I really lame for asking?

I’m giving you the side-eye right now. Really. Frozen margaritas are for pale northern tourists who panic at the sight of the Golden Glades Interchange or a flying cockroach. Real adults drink them on the rocks.

4. Can the margarita be served in a regular glass or must it come in one of those big only-for-margarita glasses?

If it’s made with fresh lime juice, you can drink it out of a coffee mug or trash can and it would be acceptable.

5. What’s up with that giant margarita that has a bottle of Corona dumped upside down in it? Should I order one?

No. Not even ironically.

6. Should I make out with that inappropriate person sitting across the room after the second or third margarita?

Personally I’d hold out until the third, just to make things really sloppy and fun.