N Lounge, new lunch & dinner spinoff of NAOE, coming to Brickell Key

Exciting news from Kevin Cory: coming soon in the space next door to NAOE on Brickell Key is N Lounge by NAOE, a lunch and dinner spot that won’t serve sushi, say our sources, but Japanese specialties. Although Cory is aiming for a Thanksgiving opening, it’s a safer bet to assume the place may not open until sometime in 2013. 

We spoke with Cory, who elaborated, sort of, saying as for the no sushi, “Definitely no maki or nigirizushi.. Chirashizushi is slightly possible.. I still haven’t given much thought to the menu yet. I’m still thinking about the floor and ceiling.” He also said that, while his menu is undecided, “N Lounge will compliment NAOE,” he assures us.

Regarding that opening date, Cory still has a lot of work to do. “The thing is, I’ll have to close NAOE to add kitchen equipment and then wait for inspectors, etc to let me reopen. Inserting the equipment can be done in two days. But waiting for the rest could take up to 3 weeks. I’ll just get the building permit first which could be about Thanksgiving and then decide on when to close. I dont want to close during Art Basel and the holidays. But I may have to just rip off the band-aid.” Stay tuned.


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