Munch, munch, pass: 4/20 dinner sparks up at Eating House in Coral Gables

It’s no secret that 4/20 is Eating House chef-owner Giorgio Rapicavoli’s favorite holiday. And judging by how fast his legendary 4/20 dinners sell out, lots of other people love how much he loves it.

To spread the good weed … er, goodwill … and good word, the restaurant (804 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables) will close for lunch on April 20 to prepare for a special 4:20 p.m. seating. At that time, you can dig into a $42 menu with $4.20 drink specials, stoner music, movies and a relaxing bong-water bath. Just kidding on that last one.

Those who want to book a place on the gravy train can email Reservations strongly suggested.

The menu, served family-style:

1. ‘cold pizza’

local straciatella, burnt tomato, basil

2. quesadillas

short rib, corn truffle, taquiza tortillas

3. pb & j poutine

sweet potato, pork belly, peanut, ‘jelly’

4. foie-t dog

proper sausages, mostarda, pear relish

5. ‘take-out’ style pork wings

cauliflower fried rice, red sauce, sesame

6. cap’n crunch funnel cakes

condensed milk ‘icing’, vanilla butter

7. ‘special brownies’

vanilla dutch ice cream, banana caramel


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