Morimoto South Beach launches $65 'Greatest Hits' menu

Although the restaurant itself is barely out of fetal stages, Morimoto South Beach has a pedigree unlike most and to highlight it, the restaurant has introduced its first ever Greatest Hits Menu featuring some of Iron Chef Morimoto’s most famous dishes. The menu is available from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily and will feature four courses—rock shrimp tempura, hamachi tacos, tuna pizza, Angry Chicken and braised black cod as well as a chef’s choice sushi combo and dessert including mango pudding and Key Lime Pie. The menu is $65 per person or, if you prefer, you can order your faves from that menu at special a la carte prices listed below.


First Course

whitefish carpaccio 14.

hot oil, mitsuba

rock shrimp tempura 14.

spicy kochujan sauce, wasabi aioli

hamachi tacos 12.

avocado, serrano peppers

Second Course Sushi Combination 21. (chef’s choice)

tuna pizza 17.

anchovy aïoli, olives, serrano peppers

Third Course

ishi yaki wagyu beef bop 23.

wagyu on rice cooked at your table in a hot stone bowl

braised black cod 22.

ginger-soy reduction angry chicken 23.

marinated organic half chicken, roasted peppers


key lime pie 10.

frozen raspberry milk, hibiscus sauce, creme fraiche

mango pudding 10.

green tea coconut sorbet, mochi, sumi meringue