Champagne that comes with emoticon stickers? Thumbs up to that.

What: Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Emoji Limited Edition

 This limited edition bottle comes with eMOETicons stickers that allow you to personalize the bottle and score big points with your significant other (or any interesting and available rando – we don’t judge).

What it tastes like: Like an angel made of raspberries sucked on a small clean stone and blew a kiss to a not-entirely-ripe cherry.  (Wine Spectator was more specific, awarding it a 90 and reporting that “This subtle rose is notable more for balance and fine texture than the quiet flavor profile of ripe currant and berry fruit, candied kumquat, biscuit and ginger.” We personally did not notice any biscuitlike qualities, but maybe we were sipping too fast.) Anyway, this champagne is dry and flavorful,  and the color is so vibrant you won’t even need to use a filter in your Instagram photos.

What to eat with it: Homemade pizza cooked on a stone on the grill, seasoned with aged cheese. Actually, you could skip the pizza and stick with aged cheese, and you’d feel pretty good about your choices.

Where you can get it: Total Wine stores in Miami Dade and Broward

How much: $39.97, which is way more than we ever pay for any alcoholic beverage, but life is short.

When you should drink it: On a special occasion – like, say,  Saturday – with that tedious friend who truly believes that more than a sip of champagne will bring on a massive and debilitating headache. Pour a glass and just watch how fast you’re asked for seconds.

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