Miami's Wynwood Brewing Co. to triple capacity

Open fewer than three months, the city of Miami’s only craft brewery is growing.

Wynwood Brewing Co., 565 NW 24th St., announced on Monday plans to triple its brewing capacity, to 3,000 barrels of beer a year.

One barrel of beer holds about 31 gallons, or about 331 pulls of 12-ounce beers. That means, after its expansion, Wynwood will be able to produce the equivalent of 993,000 bottles of beer a year.

Brewer-owner Luis G. Brignoni (pictured) opened Wynwood’s tasting room in October and has been growing its beers’ presence in Florida bars and restaurants. Wynwood’s products, distributed by Brown Distribution, are available on draft at more than 100 retail accounts.

New brewing tanks will enable Wynwood to ramp up its capacity by April. Brignoni said he plans to add two year-round brews to Wynwood’s portfolio after the new equipment is installed; it currently offers three year-round beers and a number of seasonal options.

“We are very excited and honored that our craft beers have been so eagerly accepted by local South Florida beer lovers as well as the rest of Florida,” Brignoni said in a statement.