Miami food trucks are cleaner than restaurants

Good news, Miami food truck followers: Your favorite roach-coaches probably have fewer actual roaches than established restaurants.

A new report that examined 25,463 inspections of Miami restaurants, food trucks and street carts from 2008 through July 2012 found that mobile vendors averaged 3.7 total violations per inspection while brick-and-mortar joints averaged 8.2. 

(There are always outliers, of course: The worst-offending restaurant racked up 69 violations in one inspection; a food truck picked up 31 in one swoop.) 

Food trucks and carts had, on average, fewer critical and non-critical violations than restaurants. Critical violations cover improperly cooked and stored food, rodents and the like; mobiles vendors averaged 3.3 critical violations per inspection while restaurants averaged 5.4. 

The data was provided by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and the analysis performed by the Institute for Justice, a libertarian nonprofit that is pushing for food-truck rights. Inspections covered 730 mobile vendors and 3,959 restaurants in Miami. 

You can read the full report here