Miami chefs kick back, let others do the cooking

You couldn’t drop a spoon in Tongue & Cheek’s dining room Thursday night without it falling on the shoe of one of Miami’s top chefs.

Todd Erickson (Haven, Huahua’s) and Michael Schwartz (Michael’s Genuine, Cypress Room) hung out at a communal table with Miami food blogger and Twitterer @frodnesor. Nearby, Tim Andriola (Timo) and Michael Jacobs (Hidden Kitchen) and their significant others dined together. And MC Kitchen’s Dena Marino sat with friends at another table.

The cooks turned out in force for a collaborative dinner from chefs Jamie DeRosa of T&C and Clay Conley of Buccan in Palm Beach. It was the second in a series of collab dinners cooked up by DeRosa and a guest. The first, which featured Top Chef alum Lindsay Autry, now at Sundy House in Delray Beach, also had a big-name Miami chef in attendance: Michelle Bernstein, Autry’s former boss.

On Thursday, the chefs who weren’t in the kitchen said they were happy to kick back, let DeRosa and Conley do the work, and catch up with their cooking compatriots.