Iron Chef Marc Forgione: I love Miami’s food scene

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How hot a chef is Marc Forgione?

His two events at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival are already sold out.

But you may see the “The Next Iron Chef” around town. The NYC based restaurateur (Restaurant Marc Forgione, American Cut, Khe-Yo) is a culinary king, best known for his farm to table fare, and will be supporting his fellow foodies.

We talked to Forgione before his trip.


If you were on Death Row, what’s your last meal?

Bone Marrow, Pig’s Face and Grilled Oysters.

Tell us about your biggest kitchen disaster?

During the taping of Next Iron Chef, the buffet challenge was the hardest because we had to create 3 hot and 2 cold dishes to feed 25 people that had to sit out for an hour and as restaurant chefs we’re not necessarily used to doing something like that. Not only that, but the seat of my pants split halfway through and it wasn’t a small rip. So I had to reverse my apron to cover it and finish the challenge.

What do you consider the hottest food trends of 2017?

I don’t really pay attention to trends but personally, I’m using more ingredients that were eaten by the Native Americans: Buffalo, hominy, huckleberry, etc.

The hottest restaurant trend of 2017?

Restaurants based on the lesser known Asian cuisines: Laotian, Filipino, Burmese.

What’s the best meal you ever ate? 

Restaurant Yoann Conte in Veyrier-du-Lac, France. 

Where do you like to eat when you come to Miami?

Casa Tua, Pubbelly…and I always try to get some Stone Crabs, last time was at Lure.

What do you think about Miami’s food scene?

I love it. I can always find a restaurant to fit my mood when I’m down there.

What’s one cookbook you’d never throw out?

“An American Place” by Larry Forgione [his father].

What’s comfort food to you?

Anything that makes me feel good and satisfies the soul.

How do you stay in shape when your life revolves around food?

I’m pretty conscious about what I eat during the day before service since I know I’ll be constantly tasting things all night. So I usually eat a big salad in the afternoon. I also try to go to the gym pretty regularly.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Butter, really good pasta, and cured meats.

What’s your favorite thing about the South Beach Wine and Food Festival?

Usually it’s coming down, hitting the beach and catching up with the other chefs that are down here but this year is even more special because I’m doing a dinner with my Dad and brother. They live in Napa and Vegas so I don’t get to see them too often so I’m really looking forward to hitting up all the spots in Miami with them!