Lyon + Lyon to take over concessions & catering at Miami's Arsht Center

As we told you on Wednesday, Prelude by Barton G. is serving its last meal at the Arsht Center on Sunday.

After that, Lyon + Lyon, which not only had its own restaurant [Fratelli Lyon], but also concessions at the Wolfsonian, Vizcaya and the Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach,  is taking over (sort of), operating the concessions and catering at the Arsht from June to September, confirmed Ken Lyon. While the physical restaurant space will be dark during the off season, Lyon and his team will make sure no one goes hungry or thirsty at the performing arts center this summer.

But it’s not permanent — yet. As we reported earlier this week, “The Center will now begin the process of searching for a permanent food and beverage partner — we are looking forward to being part of that process,” Lyon added.