Lure Fishbar reels in bourbon lovers for Thursday pairing dinner

Lure Fishbar, Chat Chow TV and Bulleit Bourbon are putting on a five-course, Southern-inspired pairing dinner on Thursday in celebration of National Bourbon Month. 

The meal begins at 7:30 p.m., with dishes that riff on bourbon ingredients like corn, barley and rye, and Bulleit cocktails from Lure barman Robert Ferrara.

The cost is $100, which includes tax and tip. For reservations, call 305-695-4550. Lure is located at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, 1601 Collins Ave. 


1. Deviled egg and American caviar with Pear It Up: Bourbon, pear nectar, lemon, salt. 

2. Crispy oysters, hearts of palm slaw, caper remoulade with Full Mast: Bourbon, benedictine, sherry, applejack, orange bitters. 

3. Cornmeal-crusted yellowtail snapper and collard greens with Richman Shandy: Bourbon, beer, apple cider, lemon, orgeat.

4. Bourbon-glazed BBQ ribs and shrimp & grits with Southern Sour: Bourbon, pomegranate molasses, basil, lemon, egg white.

5. Angostura bitters ice cream and bourbon caramel with Fall Frontier: Bourbon, fennel bitters, Talisker.