La Goulue investors opened Dorè South Beach in David Bouley Evolution space

David Bouley’s failed Evolution restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach has been vacant since 2007, closing just one year after its much anticipated opening for many reasons: it was overpriced and, well, Bouley just wasn’t there, like, ever. Enter the investors behind Bal Harbour’s successful bistro La Goulue, who have taken over the space and plan to open  a restaurant that “Won’t be La Goulue, but from the same investor group,” says a well placed insider. We poked around at The Ritz only to discover that they don’t know much going on either. Said the hotel’s PR Manager Jenni Greenspan, “I haven’t been given a great deal of details yet.  They are being very cautious.”

Update: As we told you back in October, La Goulue now has a South Beach sister. The place is called Dorè South Beach and it opened quietly last week. As for the difference between it and it’s Bal Harbour sibling, Dorè, which means gold or golden in, yep, French, well, you be the judge.  Executive chef Jeff Pfeiffer is trained in French technique and hails from, yup, La Goulue. Pastry chef Kriss Valesco hails from Palme d’Or and is also the pastry chef for the American Airlines Arena.

Click here to view Dore South Beach menu


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