Kris Wessel's Florida Cookery opens "softly" in October with contributions by nutritionist Oz Garcia

Florida Cookery, the much anticipated South Beach offering by Red Light’s Kris Wessel, is having a soft opening in October and an official opening in early November. In addition to Wessel’s “hyper-regional Florida fare,” including, among other things Frog Legs Bathing in Lime Leaves, Lychee Roasted Quail and Mango Pie, the restaurant will also feature a section by The James Royal Palm’s official “nutrition consultant,” Oz Garcia, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum and Hilary Swank.

What that means is that you’ll either be able to spend $700 for a one on one consult with him, or order a dish from a special section he has created on Wessel’s Florida Cookery menu. Garcia will create “nutritious offerings for hotel guests via the mini bar, poolside menu and more,” says a rep. “Enhancing the hotel’s restaurant, Florida Cookery, he’ll create a special section with Oz-approved offerings to maximize nutritional value.” On the Oz menu: Florida Mahi Mahi with Mojo de Ajo and Cucumber Quinoa Salad. At the hotel’s coffee bar, you’l be able to order something called a Brainsicle made with Garcia’s patented “brain enhancement sticks,” something so many South Beach denizens would benefit from.

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