Konefood dishes out hot, savory food in North Miami

A cone please, with onion sprinkles and an extra scoop of picadillo. Order that at your local ice cream parlor and the employees might summon the men in white coats. But it’s just another day at Konefood, a fast-food place that scoops eggs, chicken, beef and seafood into savory cones.

The idea started in Europe, with a machine that makes sealed cones from pizza dough. And it almost ended with a food truck that caught fire in Georgia on the way to Florida. The journey, however, continues in a hard-to-find storefront in North Miami Beach, tucked between a paint store and a tool-rental place. (Be prepared to drive by it at least twice despite the best efforts of Siri and the GPS.)

Best thing about a meal in a cone: It’s easy to eat while driving, working on the computer or walking. And with a seal at the bottom, no drips on the shirt. All of the cones, white or wheat, come wrapped in tinfoil and inserted into sturdy, cone-shaped cardboard for extra protection.

The novelty aside, the stuff stuffed into the cones is tasty and creative. The cone heads at Konefood put care into their fare, serving the type of food you might expect to roll off a South Florida food truck. The picadillo is genuine, although the layer of melted cheese on top seemed strange. The tuna is dense and the mushrooms and other veggies are fresh. It’s easy to “hold the” whatever because everything is made to order.

Want breakfast? An egg-white cone with caramelized onions, roasted peppers and a mild cheese sauce beats a McMuffin any day.  Want lunch? Various pizza cones brim with mozzarella and marinara. A hearty dinner? Palomilla steak, beef loin strips and mojo pork are among the choices. Seven types of chicken cones include curry, parm, barbecue and Thai. Seafood lovers were out of luck the day we visited: Coconut shrimp was delish, but Konefood didn’t have the lobster creole or shrimp Alfredo listed on the 39-cone menu. Veggie options include a fungi mix, arugula with raspberry vinaigrette and caprese.

There are dessert cones, too, but the manager was hesitant to let us order them to go for fear they wouldn’t hold up on the car ride home. So we ordered the decadent chocolate brownie-dulce de leche-caramel espresso cone to nibble while we waited for the chef to prepare our food and send us on our way.  With cone in hand, dessert first seemed perfectly fine.


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