KC Healthy Cooking is a hidden gem in North Miami

Get the New Year off to a fresh start at KC Healthy Cooking, where all the choices do the body good. Hidden on the ground floor of the 11900 Biscayne Building, the place has lime green walls that match the chef’s jacket.

Start the day with oatmeal and fruit, whole-wheat waffles or an omelet with juice, latte or herbal tea. For lunch or an early dinner there are wraps, fajitas, flat bread with toppings (try za’atar with avocado, feta and green olives), salads, soups, smoothies and entrees.

Owner Jerry Dominique was born in Port-au-Prince but grew up in the Haitian countryside helping to tend the garden and collect eggs from the hens. He became a civil engineer, then relocated to Miami 20 years ago and worked in travel management. After putting his son and daughter through college he turned to his love of cooking. KC stands for “kocoyeh,” Creole for coconut.

A meal here can be customized with brown rice or quinoa and vegetables sautéed in coconut oil with ginger, garlic and herbs. Dishes include smoked or grilled wild salmon, baked sweet potatoes, plantains, turkey, tuna or veggie burgers, tofu, hummus, and grilled chicken or tuna steak.

The veggie wrap is rolled up with grilled eggplant, portobello mushroom, onions, peppers and goat cheese. Quinoa salad makes a meal of mixed greens tossed with the tiny grain, tomato, carrot, cucumber and feta in coconut oil-lime vinaigrette. Soba are nutty buckwheat noodles stir-fried with broccoli, red onions and peppers.

Tofu cheesecake is low fat, so keep the resolution to nourish sweetly.