Jamaican patties so good I spent my light bill money

The seafood patty is among the tasty options at Taste Rite Bakery.Korey Davis Photography

Miami is blessed to have a large Caribbean population where, by driving from one community to the next, a critic and foodie like me can be transported across the globe. 

Taste Rite Bakery is one of those indeed, gliding me through the beautiful island of Jamaica with just one bite of their delicious Ackee and Saltfish Pattie ($3.00).  Ackee is a West African fruit, imported to the Islands, and it is incorporated with salted cod fish to create a scrumptious dish. It was my favorite of all their patties.

The pastry crusts, which contain tumeric to give them their color, are made onsite every day.Korey Davis Photography

The crust and the fillings for the patties are made fresh and by hand daily.  The dough of the patties is a flaky shell, tinted golden yellow with an egg yolk mixture or turmeric. It is made like a turnover but more savory with an unforgettable buttery aftertaste.

I recommend that if you are ordering a patty to also add a piece of Coco Bread for 85 cents, which is also made fresh onsite daily. The bread, which contains coconut milk, is starchy and slightly sweet and comes split in half so you can stuff your patty right in the slot, pretty much forming a Jamaican Patty sandwich.  Praise God for this.  Thank you, Lord.  Just thank you.

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Taste Rite Bakery

Miami Gardens south location: 18400 NW 2nd Ave, Miami. 305-249-7483

Miami Gardens north: 171 NW 193rd St. Miami. 305-249-7483

Sunrise: 8648 NW 44th St, Sunrise. 954-741-1555


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