Italian beer happy hour at Bocce Bar

Craft Beer Event of the Week: I worked with Daniel Tackett, the new executive chef of Bocce Ristorante (formerly Bocce Bar) in midtown Miami, on a special Italian Beer Happy Hour menu for Wednesday, Dec. 10, at 6 p.m. at Bocce, 3250 NE First Ave. It’ll be an informal, fun (we hope) event, with Tackett and me giving a rundown of why we picked the pairings we did, and everyone should leave with some happy new taste memories and knowledge of a few new Italian craft beers.

The Menu: 1. Crispy Salted Cod with Spicy Aioli paired with Peroni. 2. Two types of Parmigiano-Reggiano and two cured meats paired with Gjulia Bianca. 3. Tortellini alla Bolognese and Ravioli al Funghi paired with AMA Birra. 4. Chocolate, hazelnuts, espresso, olive oil and sea salt paired with Gjulia Nero.    

More Info: The event is $25, and reservations can be made by emailing