Ingrid Hoffmann and Shawn Marion

Ingrid Hoffmann and Shawn Marion love cooking, hoops and Miami. Photo: Andrew Meade / Chica Worldwide, LLC

Miami-based celebuchef Ingrid Hoffmann teamed up with ex-Heat player Shawn Marion
for a taping of Hoffmann’s Food Network cooking show, Simply Delicioso.

The five-foot-tall Hoffmann showed the 6-7 Marion how to make chorizo rolls with guachup (a guava based ketchup), Tamarind chicken wings, and popsicles dipped in tequila.

“If you were to gather your friends at home and watch the game, this is like gourmet arena food. It’s fun, easy stuff and yet different,” said Hoffmann, a longtime Heat fan. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Later, Marion, who joined the Heat in February and considers Las Vegas his unofficial hometown, gave Hoffmann some basketball pointers on the court.

“Listen, he came on and cooked with me, so why wouldn’t I go out there and make a fool of myself?” Hoffmann said.

In between takes, we caught up with both and asked them about cooking, restaurants and Miami.

Why did you decide to do a show with a Heat player?
It’s very important for me to share what inspires me and drives me, and it’s the city and the places, and the cross between the cafecitos and the beach. … For me being a local chica, it’s important for me to be able to show Miami and my home team and all the different facets.

What was it like working with Ingrid in the kitchen?
It has been kind of cool and Ingrid has been very cool. I learned how to make a mango dip.

How often do you cook?
I cook for myself and I love grilling and I love seafood. I love seasoning food, too. I use Old Bay a lot on seafood.

What was it like playing hoops against Shawn?
One has to be a complete fool to go and look like a complete idiot next to him. But it was fun and the opportunity to go out and goof with someone who is an amazing NBA star.

Where do you like to eat in Miami?
Shawn: Of course I like Nobu, Prime 112. The sea bass is unbelievable there. … I like Segafredo’s in Brickell. And I like Moe’s, too. And Subway, to keep it simple. I could do a Subway sandwich everyday, I really could. Tuna. Chicken breast.
Ingrid: I like to eat at Michy’s, Prime 112 for a great porterhouse, and Salmon Salmon … it’s a great little place that is on 27th and Flagler. Big Fish for hanging out at night somewhere quiet on the river.

Do you have any secret spots here you can share with us?
“My secret restaurant is a place in Little Haiti called One Ninety from chef Alan Hughes. It’s a really cool Bohemian food place. And botiques, there is a little place called Oyuke that I like very much that is in the Design District. They have very cool, different stuff.

What do you like about Miami?
Shawn: One big thing is Vegas is in the middle of the desert. Miami is on the water. So let’s get that out there real quick. I come out here during the summer’s anyway, and the people are nice. The fans are unbelievable. And I’ve been fortunate to meet some good people here.
Ingrid: I love everything about Miami. Just the colors, the different cultures here, we have such a great mix of things and this city has really been coming alive. I have lived here for 21 years now, so I was here at the beginning of South Beach and I was a part of it with my restaurant and botique stores. It’s just incredible to see where we are now. Our art scene is exploding, and with food we have some amazing chefs in this town.

Who’s the best chef on the Heat?
Shawn: I don’t know who even cooks on the team or how many of them cook. Most of the guys have a chef. I know Dwyane (Wade) doesn’t cook. I can’t see him cooking.

(Simply Delicioso airs at 1:30 p.m. Saturdays on the Food Network.)


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