Historic S&S Diner won't be evicted — for now

Owner Simon Elbaz is fighting the eviction in court (Patrick Farrell/Miami Herald)

UPDATE (12:47 p.m.): The historic S&S Diner in downtown Miami won’t be evicted for now.

A judge ruled Thursday it could remain open while its owner argues that the restaurant’s lease allows it to remain open at its original 1938 location through 2019. But an expensive court battle looms.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Another piece of Old Miami may be disappearing to make way for another high rise.

The historic S&S Diner in downtown Miami — open since 1938 — may be evicted on a technicality as soon as Thursday, the restaurant’s owner said Wednesday. A judge will review the case today to decide whether the restaurant is in breach of its lease.

“We are facing a bad situation. They want to throw us out,” said Simon Elbaz, the restaurant’s owner since 1999.


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