Goldstein Prime Kosher Market & Deli serves Jewish soul food on Miami Beach

Brian Goldstein learned how to saw bones on whizzing blades from his dad, and now he runs Goldstein Prime, a kosher butcher shop, market and deli.

The counter stretches the length of the shop filled with roasted meats, sides, and salads. Customers can choose a steak or fillet of Scottish salmon from the meat case in back and have it grilled to order. The market section stocks everything from pineapples to pickled herring.

Brian co-owns the place with his father, Joe, who got tired of shoveling snow and moved the family from Long Island to South Florida when Brian was a teen. They moved into the new, larger shop down the street four years ago. Chef Herzl Notice roasts the meats and makes the meatloaf, meatballs (plain or sweet and sour), stuffed cabbage, brisket, barbecued chicken, pickled tongue and breaded veal cutlets.

Put together an appetizing platter of sliced brisket, roast beef, house-made lox, roast turkey breast, corned beef and pastrami with pickle spears and olives, and eat at a table by the front window.

Hefty sandwiches on kaiser rolls come with a choice of sides including chopped liver, matzo balls, egg salad, creamy potato salad with bell peppers, vinegar-marinated cucumbers, kasha with bow-tie pasta, pearl couscous with mushrooms, tzimmes (stewed carrots and prunes with honey and cinnamon), coleslaw, beet salad, potato pancakes, tabbouleh, three-bean salad, and kreplach (meat stuffed dumplings).

The shop also makes gefilte fish, sweet noodle kugel, chicken pot pies and soups (chicken, split pea, lentil, barley), sold by the quart to take home. Just heat and eat.