Giorgio Rapicavoli's Eating House returns permanently later this month along with ex-Sra. Martinez sous chef

Straight off a United States culinary tour of sorts, Giorgio Rapicavoli returns to Coral Gables to debut the permanent installment of his popular pop-up Eating House, this time with a new look and, joining he and his partner Alex Cassanova is a new chef/partner, longtime friend, chef Henry Hane, former Sra. Martinez sous chef, who recently returned from a two-year stint at Miramar, a two Michelin Star restaurant in Llanca, Spain.

Slated to open sometime later this month, Eating House will feature some new twists. Says Rapicavoli, “Before, I was all about the ‘Why not?‘ Now, dinner will be a little more serious wherein each ingredient, sauce, or garnish will answer, ‘Why,'” he says. “But with brunch we’ll remain playful, offering the same, ever-changing stoner brunch as before with dishes, ingredients, and ideas carrying the philosophy of, ‘Why the heck not?’”

Add to that the expertise of Hane, about which Rapicavoli is pretty enthused. “We are so excited to be on the heels of opening, especially with the addition of Henry,” says Rapicavoli of the new Eating House. “Between his sick technical knowledge and experience, my ability to come up with crazy dishes, and the prep time, equipment and storage we didn’t have before, we are set to show Miami’s dining crowd an Eating House that will blow their socks off like never before.”

Among the menu tweaks: the Heirloom Homestead Tomatoes dish will feature liquid nitrogen-frozen coconut milk; Brussels sprouts will be served with an egg cooked at 63 degrees Celsius and topped with crispy noodles infused with sesame and soy sauce; and Chicken ‘N’ Waffles will transform into Chicken ‘N’ Foie-ffles featuring housemade foie gras waffles. Rapicavoli promises that his Carbonara pasta will remain untouched. Also untouched is the restaurant’s Wakin-N-Bacon Sunday brunch featuring $5 Tang mimosas, among other things. 


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