Gaysha New World Sushi Bar serves "chic, New World" sushi in Wilton Manors

Gaysha New World Sushi Bar is open for dinner only in gay-friendly Wilton Manors, serving dishes made with seafood and organic produce selected by chef-owner Takeshi Kamioka. The name of the small, chic spot is a play on “geisha,” the term for Japanese female artisans trained in music and dance. The “New World” refers to nontraditional ingredients like tomatoes that are incorporated into the sashimi and sushi.

Takeshi was born in Vancouver to Japanese parents from Tokyo. When he was 9, the family moved to South Florida to be near an elderly aunt. His parents opened a sushi restaurant and he began helping prep and learned to cut fish. As soon as he could drive, he began working in Japanese restaurants. He opened Gaysha three months ago offering wine, sake and buckwheat ale to accompany his food.

Order from the menu or a board with daily specials, or tell Takeshi what your tastes are and go omakase or “chef’s choice,” and he will make you a sushi combo. That could be seared big-eye tuna with a slab of tamago (omelet), octopus, conch and ikura (salmon roe) or chutoro (the prized middle section of tuna belly) with uni (sea urchin) and saltwater eel garnished with tobiko (tiny flying fish eggs).

Menu items include tuna caprice with halved cherry tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella and thin slices of tuna rolled around basil leaves pooled in a soy and balsamic vinegar reduction. There’s also carpaccio-style sashimi made with white fish, garlic, ginger and garlic chives dressed in a blend of hot sesame and olive oil.

Ceviche is made with a mix of shellfish, fluke (flounder), red onion, jalapeño and cilantro in yuzu citron juice. Vegetarians can try the mushroom roll, spicy silken tofu or seaweed salad. End with palate refreshing lychee ice cream.


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