Fuji Steak House 

If you’ve been to a bunch of hibachi restaurants, you may no longer be wowed when the chef carefully stacks up sliced onions and sets them afire or be impressed when he slices and dices at lightning speed. Obviously you’re not a kid, because they’re enthralled. My daughter was smitten with hibachi at first sizzle. She started out liking the show, the teasing by chefs who pretend to squirt sauces at you (or even better, your parents), the adventure of watching your dinner prepared on a super hot grill, and then of course, eating all that tasty food. If you’re not a hibachi fan, Fuji also has a large sushi bar and plenty of booths if you want to order off an extensive menu of sushi and sashimi or hot entrees, with classics like tempura, katsu and noodles along with a few Chinese dishes.

Fuji offers a choice of miso or “clear” soup and salad with ginger dressing for starters at the hibachi grill. In between tricks like tossing eggs four times (pretty good even by hibachi standards), the chef grilled two pieces of shrimp for each of us. Dinner comes with white rice or noodles (brown rice is an additional 75 cents; fried rice $1.50). You have lots of options at the hibachi grill aside from the usual chicken, beef and shrimp. There’s filet mignon, lobster tail, salmon, all veggies and a variety of combinations.

Ambience: No wonder hibachi dining is a family affair at places like the year-old Fuji Steak House in Pembroke Pines, with four hibachi stations under a frame that looks like a teahouse roof. Red paper lanterns and Japanese artwork decorate the cheerful restaurant, with a Top 40 soundtrack playing in the background. Altogether, 32 of the 100 seats are devoted to hibachi dining. With gleaming overhead vents, the room is smoke-free.

What Worked

  • Perfectly cooked scallops, browned on the outside and silky but firm inside
  • Tender & flavorful chicken and steak
  • Mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, zucchini and onions tossed with lots of butter on the grill
  • Generous, fresh servings
  • Dragon roll – shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado
  • Godzilla roll – lightly fried spicy tuna, avocado, scallions and fish egg
  • Two Color sushi entree  four large, clean-tasting slices of salmon & tuna atop rice plus one salmon roll,
  • Yaki tori starter – six flavorful but slightly chewy shrimp (beef, chicken and scallops also available) on two sticks skewered with nicely charred slices of green bell pepper and onions
  • Negimaki – thinly sliced steak wrapped around small pieces of sliced scallions and a smidgen of creamed cheese that gets a browned, crisp top on the grill
  • A moderately priced and generously sized chicken yaki soba – a basic rendition of the pan-fried thin wheat noodles
  • Decadent bananas tempura, in a whisper-light batter, attractively served on a plate swirled with chocolate and raspberry sauces
  • Light doughnuts
  • Delicious mochi, rice-based wrappers filled with ice cream



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