From Seinfeld to South Beach, Kramer's make-your-own-pizza idea comes to fruition at Pizza Dude

Pizza in Miami is no longer a laughing matter, but when it comes to Miami Beach’s newest slicery, it kind of is. Pizza Dude takes its pizza very seriously, but with a Seinfeldian twist. The interactive-fast-casual has ripped a page from the Seinfeld script, taking off-screen and into real life Kramer’s make-your-own pizza concept laughed at by Jerry and George and bringing it to fruition where else but in oft- comical Miami Beach. The antithesis of the Soup Nazi, Pizza Dudes will take your direction. You tell them, they make it. Or, in the case of The Kramer Experience–they bring you your ingredients–you make it.

“Some may say we copied Subway but really the Dudes went back to the cafeteria days in America, which were loved by one and all. It’s interactive and it gives our customer a chance to work with the pizza dude team and get to know them on a first name basis,” is their MO.

While you direct or make the pizza, there is an actual menu too, with over 40 toppings, appetizers such beer battered fried mushrooms with garlic chipotle aioli sauce, salads, sandwiches, signature pizzas for those needing a little direction (The Big Lebowski has grilled angus steak, olive oil, mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles, roma tomatoes, garlic, spinach, fresh basil and balsamic glaze) and white, wheat or gluten free dough.

Says owner Ronald Gould, “We are not just a new pizza joint, we are an interactive casual fast food dining restaurant.” Said Kramer to his naysayers, “No, I’m tellin’ you, people, they really want to make their own pizza pie.”