FREE LASAGNA. We Repeat, Free Lasagna!

We’ve got two words for you, loyal readers: Free lasagna. Can we get a, “Yes?”

In honor of National Lasagna Day (yeah, that’s a thing) on Friday, July 29th, Mama Mia Italian Ristorante in Hollywood is whipping up free authentic lasagna for you carb lovers.

So what’s the dealio? Mama Mia is dishing out a complimentary sample of their homemade lasagna to anyone who checks in to the restaurant upon arrival. And the lasagna here is legit — made fresh daily and is baked with their homemade bolognese sauce, sweet basil, crushed San Marzano tomatoes and layers upon layers of gooey cheese – provolone, ricotta, béchamel and fresh mozzarella, to be exact.

Mama mia!