This Miramar spot blends Caribbean, soul food flavors

Soulfully Good merges Caribbean and soul food flavors. Korey Davis
 Soulfully Good in Miramar takes on fusion in authenticity with their twist on soul food and Caribbean cuisine — a representation of the local African diaspora.


The restaurant also serves as a lounge where beer and wine is served at sexy poetry readings, R & B concerts, and spoken word events. I ventured to this eclectic eatery with high hopes, and I was happily not disappointed.

Soulfully Good met my expectations for a unique experience and the fusion of African-American cuisine with the exoticness of Caribbean flare. The ambiance, service, and quality of food definitely receive The Hungry Black Man’s Approval. 

Here is one of my favorite dishes: 

For those of you who do not know what pork souse is, here you go. Originally from Europe, particularly in England, an early version of souse existed called head cheese or brawn that was pickled with vinegar. In the English speaking colonies, slaves innovated the dish known as souse through fully “cooking” meat (usually pork or chicken) by way of marinating it for hours in a marinade of fresh lime or lemon juice, vinegar, salt, parsley, minced hot pepper and cucumbers — similar to a ceviche.

African-American souse and Caribbean souse vary from region to region, so I was intrigued to see this restaurant’s take on it, given the amazing fusing of cultures at Soulfully Good.

As the dish arrived to the table, you immediately smelled thyme and garlic.  The souse was quite different in my opinion from the African-American style. I would recommend you order a side of rice and pour this vinegary broth over the rice for an delectable surprise. You won’t go wrong with his pairing.

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