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The Goods: If you work downtown, your lunch options vary between a spicy curried goat and pizza. Maybe that’s why that Express blouse of yours is gaping at the bosom. This new downtown lunch spot caters to waistline-conscious professionals who want a quick lunch that won’t require an extra hour of muffintop prevention on the treadmill.
You aren’t going for ambiance, although the narrow space’s white walls and matching white tables and chairs give it a more upscale(ish) feel, and the colorful Andy Warhol-like paintings of spoons (what else?) let you know that this isn’t Subway. But Spoon deals mainly with the to-go lunch crowd and at peak hours, you’re better off calling in your order. Or you can go European-style and try to sit with a complete stranger. But that’s just weird.

The grub:
Wraps, salads, sandwiches, pasta and tostadas, which are wraps heated on the Italian press. Spoon offers a variety of specialty salads like the Asian Twist with chicken breast and rice noodles over spring mix drizzled with a sesame dressing. Also, the wraps are fresh and light, the Santa Fe being a crowd favorite because of the peanut cilantro dressing. For the carb-crazy, your rigatoni or penne will be prepared fresh in a saucepan before your very eyes (like the pasta station on the cruise ship). If you’re in phase two of your South Beach diet, you can opt for the whole wheat penne. Also, you can skip the specialty menu all together and have them make your wrap or salad the way you like it.

The verdict: To keep it healthy for lunch, call in your order to Spoon and the pounds will start coming off. Well, maybe if you’d stop with those caramel frappuccinos from that Starbucks across the street.

Spoon, 117 SE 3rd Ave., Miami; 305-372-0009,7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Sat.

Publsihed: 10/08

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