Feast on burgers & curly fries at Damn Good Burger in Downtown Miami

Just what Miami needs: another burger place. But why not? You can never have too much of a tasty thing, even if you’d get in trouble with Mom for saying its name. Damn Good Burger (DGB for short and sweet) is the latest entry into the ground beef fray and, like most places, is trying to keep ahead of the competition.

Getting creative with your order is encouraged here. Envision way meltable cheeses like Havarti, blue or Gouda with more healthful toppings than your average takeout joint: avocado, mushrooms, even house-made chile and coleslaw. Or for manly hunger pangs, go on and get your pulled pork. The combo really went well with the house-made barbecue sauce.

The meat is Black Angus from Creekstone Farms, out of Kansas, from cows “raised and grazed in the USA.” The website promises it’s 100 percent hormone- and antibiotic-free. Kids and their parents may appreciate the nonburger options as well. A buffalo chicken sandwich was so large the breast was hanging off the edges of the bread. They really do a great job with the crisp, perfectly fried breading.

The beef hot dogs had my 2-year-old all smiles. Dad will definitely enjoy the more adult version, topped with barrel-aged sauerkraut. We also spotted a mahi mahi sandwich and a grilled chicken wrap that looked pretty, well, damn good. Other notable extras are fresh-cut curly fries and, buttermilk ranch onion rings, which were a little too addictive. Don’t get your blood pressure up just yet; salads have some representation here. You can even get a bowl of greens with a burger on top.

While you wait, check out the cool surroundings. By night, DGB is MIA Biscayne nightclub; reality show watchers may recall Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Scott Disick hosted parties here once upon a time. The high ceilings, TVs galore and sexy drapes are nothing like you’ll see at Five Guys. MIA is still operating as a club after hours, if you don’t mind the smell of grease with your martinis.

Today’s your birthday? Help yourself to a free burger. Just “like” DGB Miami on Facebook and bring in your ID.


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