Ex-Maison d'Azur owner opening hyper high end Tosca in old Eden space October 8

Stephan Fortier, the former owner of French Riviera-inspired Maison d’Azur, first at the Astor and then at Angler’s, is about ready to open his uber high end Italian spot, Tosca Miami, in the space formerly known as Eden. Allegedly opening on October 8  just up the street from already high end, ironically named Med spot Villa Azur, Tosca Miami, serving “delicacies from the Italian Riviera,” is being billed as the “first high end restaurant in Miami. Think French Laundry with a sexy vibe,” is what Fortier is telling his trainees. The restaurant has 60 seeats and 18 tables. Pricing is, ready for this? “$500 a head or more.” It gets better than that. Word has it that Fortier only wants word of mouth customers and is labelling himself “the most expensive restaurant in the world.” Uh, good luck?


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