European delicacies emigrate to South Beach's new Europa Deli & Market


Europa is a deli, market and café all rolled into one. 

You can grab a sandwich and a Bosnian beer, then peruse the shelves for Eastern European items. 

You’ll find jars of sour cherries in rum (great on pancakes), curry ketchup (good with kebabs), plum butter, borscht, celery root salad and ajver, a relish of roasted red pepper, garlic and eggplant also known as Serbian caviar (mix with yogurt as a dip or brush on meat or fish for grilling).

German owner Alexander Ringleb went to culinary school in Dusseldorf to pursue his passion for good food. At 23, he landed as a cook in Aruba, then he came to Miami Beach, where he worked his way up to general manager at various restaurants, including Casa Tua. 

He opened Europa two months ago with his fiancée and fellow food lover, Budapest-born Timea Pellegrini, in a narrow space that they embellished with Old World charm.

Cold cases display sheep’s milk cheeses, caviar, salmon paté, pickled herring, stuffed cabbage and basturma (dry cured spiced beef). 

In the morning there’s muesli; spätzle with scrambled eggs and crisp pancetta; and rosti (potato pancakes) layered with hard-cooked egg, cucumber, sour cream and smoked salmon. 

Sandwiches come on pretzel bread, baguettes, Kaiser rolls or whole-wheat toast. Try the chicken, veal or pork schnitzel with caramelized onions and Swiss cheese; rinder ripperl (braised short rib with melted Fontina); or the smoked duck breast with brie and orange marmalade. 

Cevapi are small veal-and-beef sausages served with Serbian lepinja pocket bread, raw onion shreds, kajmak (sour cream cheese) and red pepper spread. 

Custard-filled Hungarian Napoleons called kremes end the culinary trip to Europe. 

Linda Bladholm is a Miami-based food writer.