Eating House returns as pop up Friday, permanently in November

Eating House owner/chef and Food Network’s Chopped winner Giorgio Rapicavoli announces that he and business partner Alex Cassanova are buying their pop up location, Café Ponce, and opening a permanent installment of Eating House in November.

No need to wait until then to check it out as Rapicavoli and co. will make a brief encore in the same location Friday, August 17 through early October. Rapicavoli and Cassanova will close up shop for some remodeling of Café Ponce in October while they return to Italy for a culinary tour of the countryside and for Rapicavoli’s second guest chef appearance with Slow Food’s Terra Madre at the end of the month.

“We’ve come to love our intimate little home and are so thrilled to have taken over for the tenants,” says Rapicavoli. “We will close for a little while to change some things up and make it our own, but we will have the same basic feel that has worked out for us so well.”

When Eating House settles into its home permanently, they will be serving both lunch and dinner and patrons can likely expect to see some new creations from Rapicavoli, fresh off his Italian tour.


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