Eating House launches lunch on September 2

Starting Monday, September 2, Coral Gables’ food fan fave Eating House launches lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. In charge of the Monday through Friday afternoon menu is sous chef Adriana “Lip” Egozcue.  Here’s what you may find on that ever changing, cheeky menu:

Chilled corn soup with lime crema, queso cotija and chile de arbol; a tangy young kale salad with ‘Caesar’ vinaigrette, parmesan and ripped croutons; or a ‘banh mi’ salad with chicken, lettuce, carrot, herbs and nuoc cham. 

Sandwiches such as the ‘broccoli cheesesteak’ with fontina, charred broccoli and pickled onions; jamon Serrano with ‘pimenton’ cheese, olive oil and heirloom tomato; the ‘baja’ tacos of the day – EH selection of seafood or fish and it’s preparation, accompanied by cabbage slaw, roasted lime, and Sra. Lip’s salsa; charred eggplant topped with basil ricotta, peperonata ‘slaw’ and baby kale; proper sausage , served piping hot with roasted onion, chimmichurri and  ‘bbq’ potato sticks; and ‘the mista kim’ with bulgogi pork, pickled cucumber, scallion and hoisin.

Sides and desserts may include homemade kale chips; lentil ‘tabouleh’; compressed watermelon; ‘WTF’ cookies; a Tierra Nueva chocolate brownie; and chef/owner Giorgio Rapicavoli’s infamous dirt cup, served frozen and to go.