Don King wants to open a fried chicken chain with Top Chef cast-off Josie Smith-Malave

Miami-based Top Chef Seattle contestant Josie Smith-Malave was eliminated in the 12th episode of the Bravo show, but legendary boxing promoter Don King wants her back in the ring. King, a Top Chef fan, is a huge supporter of Smith-Malave and thinks she got a raw deal when she was booted last week. So much so, that he even wants to open a chain of fried chicken restaurants with her that he has dubbed “Gospel Bird.” This, even though she was eliminated after miserably failing the fried chicken challenge. Says a rep for King, “He thinks that she was treated unfairly by the other contestants and deserves one more chance.” King, who has coined Smith-Malave “The Master of Culinary Ambrosia,” is encouraging everyone to tweet #SaveChefJosie so she can return to the show via the internet after-show Last Chance Kitchen. Rooting for the underdog for a change, huh, Mr. King? That’s quite the departure. And you thought King’s hair was the craziest thing about him