DJ Dimarco charges George's Kitchen owner George Eric-Farge with assault & battery

An unfortunate incident at George’s Kitchen Midtown has one local DJ spinning enough to have created his own website about the situation, According to the website’s creator and alleged victim Ricardo Dimarco Barea, also known as DJ Dimarco, “On the night of January 19th, I got assaulted by George Eric Farge, manager & owner of George’s Kitchen . . . After expressing to him that I felt discontent with the snobby service & mediocre food and it would be reviewed on my blog he pushed me and said ‘I will destroy you’ if you do that. When I stood my ground and told him I would call the police if he touched me again, he savagely head butted me, called me a ‘faggot’ and ferociously swung me to where I almost fell in traffic and got hit by oncoming cars. I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous since the ATTACK, a concussion at best.” Police were called and a report was filed. Barea is charging Farge with assault and battery.

We contacted Farge and were rerouted to his lawyer, Rolando A. Diaz, who told us, “I can tell you that these allegations are absolutely false. Anyone who has ever been to George’s restaurants knows that he is the first to welcome everyone and make them feel at home. To suggest anything to the contrary is a categorical lie and we will not stand for such defamation. This gentleman was being rude to the guests and patrons at the restaurant. He was simply asked to please leave but now wishes to seek attention on reprehensible claims. George has always embraced his guests’ desire to enjoy great food and a happy atmosphere. George is a forgiving soul and wishes to ignore the maliciousness of this gentleman. Yet, as his counsel, we will not stand for lies and fraud to be used for the pursuit of attention or for cyber bullying. This gentleman may believe that cyber bullying is a acceptable but George and his team do not. We will seek appropriate damages from any entity or person that perpetuates this lie.”

Stay tuned.