Debi Mazar talks Miami, South Beach Wine & Food Festival and the "other white meat"

Actress Debi Mazar & her husband musician Gabriele Corcos are back this year to cook at the 11th annual South Beach Food and Wine Festival. The couple will be hosting the Swine and Wine event at the Biltmore Hotel on February 26 from 4 to 7 p.m. Tickets to attend are $150. We chatted up the couple on their love for cooking and their upcoming cookbook, why they love Miami and what life is like post Entourage which Mazar hints may include a role in the upcoming HBO TV’s show’s film.

Catch Mazar & Corcos at Girls Gone Wild, the Saturday Grand Tasting Village and Swine & Wine.

Why did you decide to participate in this year’s South Beach Food and Wine Festival?
Mazar: We did a demo at the Food and Wine Festival last year and it was a lot of fun. This year we are gonna do demo to share and teach people our recipes. We are hosting Swine and Wine at the Biltmore which is a really big cool flashy event.
It’s gonna be a great and we love Miami.

What do you like about Miami?
Mazar: I’ve been coming to Miami since the 70s. The architecture is one my favorites..the Deco. I’m a big fan of Morris Lapidus. I love the humidity.. I love old ladies that carry poodles in their purses at Bal Harbour… I love the Cuban culture. My husband was a congero when I met him. There’s a lot that Miami offers us and it’s a very sexy city.

At Swine and Wine, what are you going to be serving up?
Corcos: I’m going to be slow roasting seven pigs from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. I’m going to be making the traditional Tuscan porchetta sandwich you find on the roadside in Italy.

In Miami, pig seems to be a favorite food to eat at many celebrations especially in the Hispanic culture. Has it always been a favorite food of yours?
Mazar: I call it the other white meat.
Corcos: Sometimes, Debra has to ask me if we can skip the pork tonight. I grew up as a Jew and the moment I left home. I started engulfing myself in it.

The love of cooking that both share stems from where
Mazar: I’ve always enjoyed food. I come from New York City where every smell of food would waft into my apartment. I ended seeking food from grandma’s or someone in the neighborhood. When I met Gabrielle, we enjoyed cooking together for fun and sharing a romantic meal. Then when we became a couple, we enjoyed hosting and then as parents we just have people over.
Corcos: I grew up with food all my life. I started cooking when I was five or six. I made my first cake and I put a $15 price tag on it and that became my allowance. I baked a few.  I like my food better more than almost anybody else’s. It makes me happy.

Are there plans to launch a cook book?
Mazar: We have one in the works right now. We have a writer that’s helping us. We are excited.
Corcos: It’s gonna be part memoir, part cookbook.

Aside from cooking what are you currently working on these days?
Mazar: As we speak, I’m running to the movie set. I’m working on a movie called Love Lace. I have a really nice role in it.

Do you miss Entourage?
I miss doing the show. It was the most fun job to go to. I had a great character. I hear there might be a movie in the works and I hope they write a part for me.


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