Craft Beer of the Week: Samuel Adams Crystal Pale Ale

Craft Beer of the Week: Samuel Adams Crystal Pale Ale.

Story: Here’s an excellent beer for people who dig Sam Adams and are looking to dive deeper into the world of craft beer. The Boston Beer Co., maker of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, is releasing this new brew in its spring-seasonal variety pack. Named for the Oregon-grown Crystal hops that impart grassy flavors with notes of citrus and honey, this pale ale also has a solid malt presence and bready aromas. 

Pairing: Fresh-cut herbs like tarragon and dill really bring out the bright highlights of the brew’s namesake hops. Try it with baked salmon with dill-honey and lemon vinaigrette at Europa Delicatessen, 425 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. 

Price: About $17 for a 12-pack of 12-ounce bottles. 


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