Craft Beer of the Week: Eraser IPA

Craft Beer of the Week: Eraser IPA from Rough Draft Brewing Co. in San Diego. 

Story: Like so many craft breweries today, Rough Draft’s story begins with a passion for home-brewing that grew into a full-fledged brewery with a tasting room and distribution across the country. South Florida distributor Crafty Connoisseurs picked up the West Coast brewery’s beers last year, and the one you should try first is Eraser IPA.

It has a striking pale-golden hue, not far off from the gorgeous Bell’s Oberon, and follows through with an orange-rind aroma and slightly piney flavor. It contains 7 percent alcohol by volume and goes great with chorizo empanadas. 

Price: $6 for a 22-ounce bottle at Crown Wine & Spirits and other retailers.