Craft Beer of the Week: 5 Lizard, a Latin-style witbier

Craft Beer Thought of the Week: I’ve hit a wall, of sorts, when it comes to drinking some beers. While super-hopped IPAs and burly barrel-aged stouts have their place and time, I find myself turning to beers that are more — dare I say? — drinkable.

My new favorite beers feature some magical combination of flavor and refreshment. Which brings us to this week’s Pick of the Week. 

Craft Beer of the Week: 5 Lizard is billed as a “Latin-style witbier,” with its additions of lime zest and passion fruit, which give the brew a tart edge. New to the Florida market, the beer is from Chicago’s 5 Rabbit Cerveceria. The Latin-owned craft brewery is making great beers; we should be happy to have their portfolio available here.

Look for six-packs of 5 Lizard at Whole Foods for about $10. 

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