Coming to Brickell: Box Park restaurant, Harvey Wolf lounge & The Hoxton (?)

Super sleuth Ryan Roman reported that the space formerly known as Mare Nostrum is turning into a restaurant called Box Park and that the owners of said restaurant are also opening a lounge called Harvey Wolf. Trueish and true. Box Park will open in a brand new space at the Axis building. Construction hasn’t even begun and co-owner Henry Sanchez tells us it’s entirely too soon to even discuss concept, chef, etc. Harvey Wolf, a lounge, on the other hand, will open in the old Mare Nostrum space. And then there’s The Hoxton, another ‘concept’ coming from the Mare Nostrum folks, which we don’t think has anything to do with a London hipster hotel we stayed in a few years back. Sanchez, who wasn’t very forthcoming with his info, said his PR team would be in touch. We’ll have our people get in touch with your people.


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