Chirashi lunch bowl arrives at Juvia on Miami Beach on Fridays only

We’ve heard of the “Power Lunch.” but who is ready for an $85 lunch?

Well, Juvia, the restaurant that sits atop Lincoln Road and boasts spectacular views, hopes you are ready to splurge on Fridays only.

What started as a Friday afternoon tradition where Juvia Executive Chefs Sunny Oh and Laurent Cantineaux would prepare a stunning and indulgent Chirashi bowl for management is now available to everyone.

What is Chirashi? The dish starts with a warm bowl filled with seasoned sushi rice and topped with tastes of Juvia’s signature items and high-end ingredients. You can expect portions of sashimi like toro, hamachi, tako (octopus) and salmon, mixed in with tender slices of wago beef, tuna ceviche, king crab, rock shrimp tiradito and more. The ingredients will change depending on what Juvia has available that Friday.

Good thing a few eager guests spotted the Chirashi back in the day, encouraging the restaurant to add it to the Friday lunch menu. And all for $85.