Chef Kris Wessel leaves Florida Cookery at the James Royal Palm Hotel, launching new Miami concept Dec 1

As has been suspected for a long time, Kris Wessel is no longer affiliated with Florida Cookery.

Here is his official statement:

“I am officially announcing today that I am no longer affiliated with the James Royal Palm Hotel and Florida Cookery restaurant. The contract has ended, the restaurant is a year old and we have created an original concept integral to the cuisine and cultures of Florida. I wish the James and Florida Cookery much success in sustaining their beautiful property in Miami Beach. I am also announcing that I have formed a restaurant group (CONSUME) and have targeted multiple areas in South Florida and New Orleans for specific concept launches.”

When asked if Wessel was leaving us, he replied, “Leave us? I am us! I am signing a lease on the first concept in Miami on December 1. With 90 years of family in Miami and a daughter who doesn’t get out of school here for another 8, I think I will be here for a while.”