Buns & Buns bringing the bread–meat, vegetables & seafood–to South Miami in 2014

Although it sounds like a gym, Buns & Buns may be the reason you’ll need a gym after it opens in South Miami sometime in January. Despite its dubious name, the restaurant’s menu has been “inspired by the culinary discoveries” found on the owners’ trip around the world. “The upscale yet casual concept will offer a globally-dynamic menu with a focus on freshly baked breads, an exotic blend of handcrafted sauces and spices, and a hearty selection of meat, vegetable, and seafood dishes,” reads a press release. But more about the bread. Diners will “be able to customize their dining experience by mixing and matching breads and buns with different dishes, sharing in the adventurous spirit of the restaurant.” Because othing says adventurous like scarfing down a hot dog bun with your seabass.

Anyway, on the menu: freshly baked buns such as brioche basted and baked with a warm butter glaze; garlic naan stuffed with fontina and aged white cheddar cheeses; ann herb bread infused with a blend of rosemary, thyme and garlic. Grills will include a pan roasted chili shrimp ($15) sautéed with caramelized shallots, garlic, and dried red chili flakes finished with cilantro, fresh lime juice and served with citrus aioli; deckle ($20) marinated in sweet soy, Sriracha sauce, toasted coriander seeds and cilantro, plated with egg yolk, a crispy Serrano ham chip and harissa; and steamed mussels ($10) served in a ceramic bowl with house-made curry broth.

Lighter fare will include a variety salads made with local and seasonal ingredients such as the Burrata Salad ($10) with mozzarella and chargrilled tomatoes, topped with olive oil crisp croutons, and drizzled with barrel-aged Bourbon sherry vinegar; and the Filo Salad ($10), a mix of watercress, greens and pomegranate seeds, topped with crispy filo strips marinated in chili oil and tossed in a zesty orange citrus dressing. Munchies include snacks such as salmon skin chicharrones ($5).