Breaking Bread with Nina Compton: Monday pop-up dinner

Miami is popping off with pop-up dinners — and many more are coming in the post-Art Basel, pre-South Beach Wine and Food Festival window.

To get our attention, any temporary restaurant has to offer something special. And the one on Monday night in South Beach from chef Nina Compton fits the bill.

First, its promotional flyer (above) is just fantastic. The Breaking Bad riff — the dinner is called Breaking Bread — complete with Compton’s head and chef’s knife superimposed on Walter White’s tightie-whitie-clad body certainly got our attention. 

Second, we’re guessing Compton’s cooking will draw some oohs and aahs, as well. She’s straying from the modern-Italian food she tempted with at her former post as chef de cuisine of Scarpetta. Instead, expect a five-course meal of “refined Caribbean” fare, which, as fans of Top Chef know, is right in the St. Lucia-born Compton’s wheelhouse.

Her pop-up goes down Monday night at Cafe Mistral (110 Washington Ave.) in Miami Beach. $75 a person. Call 786-626-8103 for reservations.