BONDST has a new executive chef: Andy Choi, former chef de cuisine of Le Cirque

It’s been a while since we talked about BONDST, the NYC sushi import, a South Beach staple and veteran at this point, in the bowels of the Townhouse Hotel. News there now is that they have a brand new executive chef, Andy Choi, the former chef de cuisine at NYC’s landmark Le Cirque. A vague bit of PR spin says that Choi “will bring the same innovative approach he used in New York City to the new South Beach outpost of BONDST, where he will introduce classic dishes with the addition of vibrant Miami flavors to please our local melting pot of guests” Less vague is a 2011 post on a chef’s table at Le Cirque, for which Choi chose all the dishes, which may give you some idea of what to expect.


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