Bleu Moon Sports Bar

BleuMoon Sports Bar has been many things: a romantic, low-lit eatery back when it was Blu Moon (drop the e), then a casual if pricey pizza place with a wood-fired oven. Finally, the waterfront spot has found its niche, as a sports bar and magnet for downtown denizens and tourists looking for easy grub and lots of TVs. For the takeout crowd desperate for a quick dinner, it’s also become a go-to spot for decent delivery.

We’ve had mixed results. You would assume a sports bar would excel at casual fare like nachos, potato skins and mozzarella sticks, but those kinds of quickies aren’t up to speed here (an exception: addictively crispy and salty French fries à la Burger King). The nachos were drowning in sour cream and American cheese; skins were dry as a deck of cards; the so called Moon Sticks were crumbly and cakey. Even my toddler turned up her nose.

However, Mini Moon Burgers – sliders, served on a deliciously fresh brioche with ample lettuce, tomato and sweet onions – were a hit. (Just make sure you order rare and you might get them medium well.) What saves Bleu Moon are more inspired entrees like the Shanghai Wok Delight – perfectly grilled chicken breast strips with glass noodles amid julienne carrots and green beans, perfectly al dente. No problem, either, with the Neptune Grill, a nicely seasoned piece of salmon with a tangy pineapple salsa; or the Moonlight Spaghetti, pasta topped with a juicy skirt steak sautéed with red wine and fresh tomatoes.
The pizza oven remains, so go for it – a classic Margherita does the trick with house -ade tomato sauce and basil and a properly thin, crispy crust. Or get experimental with the L’Atomica, piled with chorizo, pepperoni, salami and jalapenos. That cleared up my cold, and quick.

Warm apple crisp served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream made for a sweet ending.


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