Bikini Barista coffee shop opening in Miami?

Proof that Miami is finally embracing coffee culture: A help-wanted ad for a Bikini Barista shop (perhaps “bareista” is more fitting?), purportedly opening soon in midtown, popped up this week on Craigslist.

Are you a friendly and outgoing woman willing to wear a “tasteful, sexy and fashionable bikini uniform” while frothing cappuccinos and pulling espressos (perhaps “sexpresso” is more fitting? OK, we’re done.)? Then they’ve got a job for you. Bonus: No experience necessary! 

It’s about time Miami got on the bikini barista train that originated with the new-wave coffee craze in the Pacific Northwest.

Florida is no stranger to bikini-based businesses: Miami Beach, of course, is home to the Bikini Bar; Pensacola has a bikini housecleaning service; and Ormond Beach is still mourning the closing of its Bikini Bottom Car Wash