Big Pink gets bigger: Miami Beach-themed burgers added to menu

Big Pink

It’s not uncommon to see police officers and other Miami Beach city employees grabbing a bite at retro-cool SoFi diner Big Pink.

(They probably know this insider secret: Big Pink’s burgers are ground from the same beef that owner Myles Chefetz sources for Prime 112, his heavy-hitter steakhouse around the corner.)

Now they have eight more reasons to stop by BP. Chefetz just added these government-themed burgers — $13-$19 — to the menu (we’re not sure what department the waffle burger honors), which still includes classics like the Mushroom & Swiss and the double-patty Pink Daddy Mack:  

The Mayor: Smoked pulled BBQ pork, jack cheese and BBQ sauce, topped with cole slaw and fried onion rings.

Building Department: Grilled ham, apple slices, brie cheese, honey mustard.

Chief of Police: Bacon cheddar burger on brioche bun, schmeared with peanut butter and mayo.

Waffle Burger: Bacon cheddar burger, fried egg, between two waffles and served with maple syrup.

Code Compliance: Mac & Cheese, more cheddar cheese and topped with Ruffles BBQ potato chips.

Coast Guard: Burger topped with jumbo lump crab cake, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and tartar sauce.

Public Works: Burger topped with applewood smoked bacon, fried egg, hash browns and melted cheddar.

Fire Rescue: Burger with jalapeño poppers, pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon and sriracha mayo.