Big Mike’s Bakery will make you rethink gluten-free

Big Mike Bakery's baked goods make the Hungry Black Man rethink gluten-free foods

You ever eat something so good your knees buckled? Or had your mouth water at just the thought of a particular dish?

To date, I have traveled to nine major U.S. cities in search of amazing food, and Big Mike’s Bakery, by far, has been the best bakery yet.

Aromatics from Michael Hopkins’ kitchen greet you as soon as the entrance door is opened.  This brother is no joke.  Where can you find gluten-free and organic everything that tastes like Aunt Jemima, Martha Stewart, Uncle Ben, and Emeril Lagasse fused into one freaking body? Where in the world can you get gluten-free dessert and an order of baby back ribs, chicken pot pie, lasagna, and fresh baked Challah bread?  Yeah, you heard right: I ate barbecue ribs at a bakery.


Ribs and sweet potatoes at Big Mike’s Bakery.


Hopkins (aka Big Mike) was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2010. He spent over a year and thousands of dollars to perfect a gluten-free flour mix which allows him to make all the things he loved (such as pasta, cakes, cookies, and other desserts) without sacrificing taste.

Big Mike destroyed my past experiences with gluten free food through his amazing menu items that rival any top gluten inclusive bakery.  His unique flour blend is the key to achieving a moist and soft texture with an amazing flavor for all his baked items.

I began to wonder if Big Mike was really a 90-year-old black grandmother who had switched bodies like in the awesome movie “The Skeleton Key.”  It just wasn’t making sense that this guy was able to capture the taste of my childhood, while staying loyal to his gluten free and organic policy. I figure his background of being half Italian gave him the best of both worlds growing up with both African-American and Italian grandmothers created some sort of culinary superpower, especially with his baking skills.

Must try: Miniature Zucchini Bread ($4.50), made with freshly grated zucchini.  I know what you’re probably thinking. This is one of those healthy items you would try and pretend it tastes good so you won’t look like unsophisticated.  Well, you most definitely will not need to fake enjoying this delicious item. It was moist and just the right amount of sweet with hints of cinnamon.  To best describe it, just think of the best banana bread you’ve ever had and replace the banana with zucchini and times it by 100.


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Big Mike Bakery
4602 Coral Ridge Dr, Coral Springs